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We Always Accept the Challenge to Provide Better Products.
Decades ago, the seafood business was dominated by resources that were created solely by Mother Nature. Nowadays, swiftly developing farming technologies and a sophisticated infrastructure allow us to process high-quality products and have become an indispensable element in all of our daily transactions. Tokyo Seafoods is staffed by highly skilled workers who are able to predict changes and lead market tendencies by observing all aspects of our enterprise, including contracting, production, shipments and delivery. The tuna operations onboard the M/V Reina Christina, owned by our Panamanian subsidiary, is the best example of how we are able to process fish in a state-of-the-art environment. In addition to our leading-edge tuna operations, we are convinced that all of our customers will be fully satisfied with our product line up without exception.
Seafood Group 1A
[Products] Salmon, Frozen Fish

We deal in salmon, bottom fish and uni (sea urchin roe) in North America, Norway and Chile. In the salmon business, our sales center mainly on Chilean salmon, and we handle a wide range of processed salmon products in sliced, fillet and loin form. We have also expanded and improved our traceability system that forms the basis of product reliability and safety, and can provide data from all steps of the processing chain, from raw materials to finished product.

Seafood Group 1B
[Products] Sushi Neta
Sushi Neta
Sushi Neta

This team handles many kinds of sushi species. We have assembled a wide range of product groups, from standard sushi species to unique products, and continue our round-the-clock efforts to meet a wide range of customer needs. We strive to be sensitive to market trends and constantly work to anticipate up-and-coming sushi trends.

Seafoods Group 2
[Products] Tuna

Throughout the year our team flies around the world looking for the highest quality frozen and fresh tuna (Maguro) to import and market . We also have our own ultra-low-temperature tuna processing boat equipped with a daily production capacity up to 50 tons. We dispatch her to various locations in the Mediterranean Sea and to Australia and offer processing and transportation services. With long years of experience since the early days of this industry, our knowledgable staff do their utmost everyday to bring the highest quality tuna to the dining tables of Japan.

Seafood Group 3
[Products] Herring Roe, Roe Herring
Herring Roe
Herring Roe

Major Products: Roe Products(Kazunoko,Ikura,Sujiko & Tarako) and Roe Herring

Throughout the year, our buying teams follow herring around the world. The herring fishing season varies according to the region: San Francisco (December to February), Vancouver, Canada (March to July), Alaska (March to June), Russia (May to June), Eastern Canada (August to October), and Ireland (October to January). As fishing activity begins in each region, our staff flies to each area and we buy frozen herring after performing careful inspection for product quality. We import and sell the frozen herring to reprocessors in Japan, and at the same time, ship frozen herring to China to produce our own proprietary finished products(kazunoko) for the Japanese market. Because we are involved in the entire chain of business transactions as a single entity-- from buying the frozen herring to importing , selling the raw material, processing into finished product, and selling the finished product-- we manage the flow and can always assure the safety of the final product. In addition to herring roe (kazunoko), we also handle salmon roe (sujiko, ikura), and pollack roe (tarako). Whenever the season, our staff promptly fly to the fishing area, purchase the product and import it for sale. Our staff flies around the world on an ongoing basis in order to serve the safest and highest quality products to your dining table.

Seafood Group 4
[Products] Shrimp, Crab, Canned Products
Canned Products

Major Products: Shrimp, Crab and Canned Items

It is said that 300,000 tons of shrimp are consumed each year in Japan. In terms of the transaction value, shrimp accounts for the greatest percentage by several orders of magnitude. Market fluctuations are severe, and we are constantly engaged in bidding and negotiations with Southeast Asia, the main product region. In order to close deals continuously, we monitor the pulse of the market and adjust our purchasing to reflect the demands of our direct customers. In this effort, our staff, as shrimp pros, make full use of their skills, including foreign language ability, as they strive for round-the clock operation. We also handle Alaskan king crab and snow crab, and buy product from the North Pacific (Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea) and the North Atlantic (Barents Sea). We strive to supply the highest quality product through daily information gathering, inspection and sampling, and negotiations.
Tokyo Seafoods also handles a number of canned products, and we are fully committed to providing the highest in quality. In particular, we can provide private brand (PB) items, and we can prepare finished products--from selecting the raw material, to seasoning/flavoring and design of the label-- that will ensure customer satisfaction. We ship these items to department stores and high-end supermarkets. Upon request, we can also meet detailed requirements for national brand (NB) products. To improve on the image of canned foods, Tokyo Seafoods continues to take up new challenges on a daily basis to supply safe, secure, wholesome products with the highest level of freshness.